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Design & Installation


Design & Installation

Why Professional Landscaping Services

Outdoor Oasis’ full suite of landscaping services insures the exterior of your home or business makes an impact. Let our experts help maximize your outdoor environment by taking all the guesswork out of your landscaping decisions. A truly custom designed and professionally installed landscape project can yield a 200% Return-On-Investment according to Money Magazine.

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Landscape Design

Our design team will customize a detailed plan that always takes into consideration personal style and, of course, budget. Our designers and arborist are experts in plant and materials selection and layout, always knowing what combinations work best. We can design patios, walkways, and all varieties of plant, shrub, and tree configurations.
landscaping installation

Landscape Installation

Allow the landscaping team at Outdoor Oasis to do all your dirty work. Our highly trained crews work closely with our design team to insure each project meets the vision of our clients. We will work closely with you, and in consideration of your schedule to make certain your landscape project is completed with minimum inconvenience to you.

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